Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wait for your crib, Debby!

So Thursday morning I was in the place I do my best it's not the bathroom (well sort of) was in the the shower. Something about the silence, the relaxation, and the peace make it the spot where grand ideas are birthed. I was thinking about my friend Nicole. Nearly 8 months pregnant, she is reaching the peak of her "nesting phase." The baby's room is painted, clothes are hanging in the closet, and everything is in place except for one thing....a crib. As an expectant mom, that is a huge piece of the nursery missing. Suffice it to say, she's getting nervous.

Her sisters, along with another colleague and I are planning a baby shower for her. While discussing some of the shower details with her, she became very anxious and started asking if it would be rude to suggest on the invitation that people pitch in to purchase a crib. Ummmm...invites have already gone out, Nikki! I could see the fear brewing just beneath the surface! A few hours later her sister called me...Nicole had also talked to her and pleaded her case for a crib. Frustrated, her sister complained that family members had already joined together and not only was she getting the crib she wanted, but also the travel system she had registered for! If she will just wait, she's going to get everything she needs! her sister exasperated.

So back to the shower.... there I was thinking (and laughing to myself) about this situation. It dawned on me then that this must be exactly how God is looking at me right now. Here I sit, wanting another child soooo badly. We're having to wait (yet again), and all I can think about is how to make this process go faster - what could I do to get another baby now? Seriously, in my mania I've been questioning our agency choice, whether we should switch to foster care, even contemplating getting pregnant (ummmm...yeah right - no thank you!).

And up in Heaven God must be shaking his head and laughing as He thinks to Himself, if she will just wait, she's going to get everything she needs!

Stupid shower epiphanies!

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