Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mama's Girl

Ok, so last night was a rough one at the Romey household. Soph was obviously exerting some independence (Lord knows she has a lot of it) and I was exerting a case of "lead-ass." Sorry to curse, but it's true. However, over the past few weeks I've been noticing so much about my girl and marveling at God's handy-work. I've said many times before that God created Soph to be our daughter, but now I'm actually seeing it in our everyday lives.

This is probably weird for those of you who have biological children - you expect to see yourself in your kids....physical attributes, habits, character traits...etc. But we don't get that - I will never look at Sophie and think, "she's got her father's eyes." I can't pull out old baby pictures of me and compare them to hers - and truly I'm ok with that. Yes, sometimes there is a twinge of pain, but at the same time, I would never trade what we have in her for a daughter who looks like me!

I say all this because lately I'm starting to "see us" in Sophie! Ok, obviously she will never have George's coloring (thank God), but the other night we were watching our cat and she and I both laughed at the same time with the same lilt in our voices. And by lilt I mean that really obnoxious laugh that I do (sorry world). I was so taken aback by it that I longed for a tape recorder so that I could replay that moment over and over. Then, there's the fact that she is obsessed with Ralph on "A Christmas Story!" I mean, this girl is quoting lines from the movie....and she's only 2 1/2!!! I watch the same movie every night during the holiday season - truly a classic.

I know this all sounds silly, but I feel like God is reassuring me that Sophie was "wonderfully and fearfully made," to be our daughter....obnoxious laugh and all!

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  1. and beautifully, and talented, and witty and compassionate, and wonderfully made....just.like.her.mommy! God knew, before the foundation of the world that you would be the PERFECT mommy for her!! You are awesome!