Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Projects (a.k.a The List of Doom)

So, being a teacher has its definite benefits....all the sticky notes you could ever want, an endless supply of 3 inch broken pencils, and every kind of red pen known to man (seriously).  But what we're most envied for is the coveted SUMMER OFF!  I'll admit....it kind of rocks!  However, with this time off comes the pressure to finish all of those lingering honey-do's that don't get done over the school year.  Now there aren't any excuses, other than sheer laziness, for not marking things off the list; therefore, I proudly present....The Romey List of Summertime Projects (enter cymbal crash!)

1.  Finish the baby room

- I TRULY believe this kiddo is coming soon!  Right now it's a white box with Soph's old furniture thrown in.  I don't want to bring home our baby to room that's just thrown together!  I mean that would surely damage his psyche in some way right?  I just envision him sitting in a therapist's room somewhere in the future saying, "I just don't feel complete...."

2.  Clean out and organize the garage

- after looking like hoarders for the past month (due to collecting stuff for our garage sale) I think our neighbors would appreciate me moving this one up to number 1! I mean it's bad.....so bad....like I won't even open our garage door anymore bad!

3.  Paint the shelves on our built-in

-my dad and George finished those shelves in March y'all....March!  All I had to do was paint 2 shelves white.  Hey, I was helping to mold young minds (or something like that).

4.  Get our carpets cleaned

-Again, we can't possibly bring home a baby without clean carpets!!!

5.  Touch up paint alllllllllllll around the house

-this will require being able to access our painting stuff from the previously mentioned garage. 

Well, there you have it - it may not seem like much...but in the 8 weeks of summer I have left off, time moves fast!  Below, please enjoy pictures of our garage - but please....don't send these into TLC...I swear, we will get it fixed!


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  1. I miss you, friend!!!! Please let me know when you are doing your garage sale~ I'd be VERY interested in some good bookshelves! I love this list...when you are done (and seasoned in all things organizational) you can come here and display your freshly sharpened skills on my house and garage! LOL I look forward to talking with you soon.